Are you tired of storing paper documents...
Do you and/or your employees hate to go hunting in a pile of boxes for that one document for the audit...
How many times has the document you needed been at someone else's desk...

Then it is time for Image Tek of Louisiana to help you. We have been helping offices go from piles of paper to all their documents available at the click of a mouse for over three years now. We have clients all over
Louisiana that have gone from the same problems of paper, paper everywhere, to having a digital imaging filing system on their network.

We work with all levels of government and local businesses to improve their workflow, save on man-hours and overall reduce the cost of doing business, with a ROI (Return on Investment) that is noticeable within a year. The cost savings and the ROI are different for everyone, but everyone comes out on top.

Image Tek of Louisiana is a document imaging software sales and scanning service company. We are an authorized LaserFiche VAR with over 7 years of experience in the document imaging business. Most of our clients start off with the scanning services, archiving their annual documents. Then seeing how easy it is to retrieve documents, move to doing their own scanning on their new document imaging system. We also provide consulting services for those clients that need that little extra help. Our service after the sale is the best; just ask any of our clients.

LaserFiche has been in the document imaging field for over 17 years with over 22,000 customers worldwide. There are several hundred LaserFiche end-users in
Louisiana from small cities to state agencies, from a small one-person business to major businesses with hundreds of end-users. The LaserFiche system can be designed to meet your needs with a wide variety of plug-in applications to assist you with additional document needs. With LaserFiche we can work within your budget and build a system all at one time or over months or years as your budget allows you.

Thanks to all the end-users out there helping us spread the word about Image Tek of Louisiana and LaserFiche.

Please contact us at 225-273-3969 or for more information. Allen and the staff are ready to assist you with your document imaging needs.




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