Here are some reasons why converting your paper files to Electronic Document Imaging makes so much sense.

  • Reclaim Office/Warehouse Space: Turn those file cabinets, boxes, and piles of paper back into usable office space.  After converting paper files to Document Imaging, you can destroy or archive the paper files.
  • End Delays Searching for Lost, Misplaced or Misfiled Documents: Documents can’t be misfiled and don’t need to be refiled because they always reside at the computer.  The Document Image files can be accessed by a single user or by multiple users in different locations.
  • Eliminate Document Storage Fees: Paper files can be eliminated along
    with the cost to store them.  Your text, graphics and documents of all sizes are transferred onto CD-ROM disks as permanent records.
  • Eliminate the Inconvenience of Off-Site Document Retrieval: Records stored on your network and/or CDs take up so little space that you will never need an off-site warehouse to store files.
  • View, Print, Email or Fax a Document Without Leaving Your Desk:With a few mouse clicks, access any document from Windows based PCs.
  • Password Protection Keeps Information Secure:Password protection is an optional feature that prevents unauthorized access to confidential information.
  • Disaster Proof: Your document image files will be saved as off-site CDs in the event of an accident or loss to your facility or computers.
  • Improve Time Management: Retrieval is easy and quick (much faster than microfilm or microfiche access) using your selected indexes.

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