Franklin Medical Center, Winnsboro, LA

At Franklin Medical Center the task of complying with the record keeping portion of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accessibility Act of 1996) is notable for how easy it was to accomplish.”We added Audit Trail to our LaserFiche system,” reports the hospital’s plant operations manager, Dwaine Boothe. “We had planned to add this module to ensure HIPAA compliance when we chose LaserFiche.

“We brought it in as soon as our database of images of our medical records was large enough to start sharing files with other departments and medical professionals. With Audit Trail in place, we are confident that our records will be in compliance with HIPAA moving forward.”

At this point, Franklin Medical Center has more than 250,000 pages of medical records in LaserFiche, including all active files going back a year. Emergency room doctors now have the ability to refer to LaserFiche to review the medical records of incoming patients.

Boothe expects the hospital to have all its archives in LaserFiche within three years per an intensive scanning program put together by his assistant, Judy Ogden. That program will enable them to remove the five portable paper storage buildings that were their chief reason for turning to LaserFiche in the first place.